Mural Paintings

Kerala Art Gallery – Mural Paintings in Kerala

These days Mural paintings are considered as the best suit for any interiors that demands a touch of tradition, the same time a glance of contemporary stylishness. Kerala Murals are also considered as an ideal souvenir by tourists from across the world, to be treasured for a lifetime, in memory of exploration of the wonderful land.  The murals are beyond time and cultures. They are precious in every sense!

If you are in search of Mural Paintings that can add value to any interior or exterior space, make a visit to Kerala Art Gallery’s painting arcades. We have a vast collection of Mural Paintings. Have a look at the wonderful collection of Natural Colour Mural Painting, Canvas Mural Painting, Wall Mural Painting, Gift Mural Paintings, Dhyanaslokamural Paintings, Temple Mural Paintings, Ganesh Mural Paintings, Radha Madhavam Mural Paintings, Krishna Mural Paintings, etc.


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