Mural Paintings

The technique behind Kerala Mural Art

In Kerala, the technique uses to create the mural paintings is a category of Frescos, in which the paint is dyed on to a surface with freshly laid lime plaster. It helps to set the painting very well with the surface offering good finishing. Mural paintings demand a very systematic approach to maintain its perfection. Thus the techniques of Mural Painting are practiced in six major stages called Lekhya Karma, Rekha Karma, Varna Karma, Vartana Karma, Lekha Karma, and Dvika Karma. Each stage posses its own importance in creating the masterpieces.

  • Lekhya Karma – The sketch for the painting is made in great precision
  • Rekha Karma – A detailed enhancement of the outlines are made
  • Varna Karma – Adding base colors as per the sketches
  • Vartana Karma – Shading is done as per the color depths required
  • Lekha Karma – Final outlining of the images with core colors
  • Dvika Karma – Wholly for providing the painting some finishing touches

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